The ballerina style + fashion inspiration

Today involved lots of hard work…I went for a run for some cardio cross-training, did a ballet barre in my socks to work on my technical strength, and then did a solid 45-minute strengthening workout.  I also had physical therapy in the morning to fix a little ankle problem I’ve been having, and took a bath afterwards to loosen up.

I just watched A Ballerina’s Tale (Misty Copeland’s movie for those of you who have been living under a rock) for like the 10th time or something ridiculous…and I am really appreciating the whole ballerina vibe that I am getting a lot lately.

If you look closely, your Instagram feed is filling with white tutus for photoshoots and light pink legwarmers with an elegant sweater is coming back into style for company class.  Don’t get me wrong, the retro green body suits will always be loved, but there is a slight trend towards a more classical style lately.

This has inspired me to gather a ton of dancewear that I will never be able to buy, which I will put in a collage below:

You’ve gotta love that Elevé long sleeve pink leotard.  SO PRETTY!!!

Anyways, make sure you check out my 28-day meal plan.  I’m doing pretty good so far – I only screwed up once and it’s because I forgot.  Oops.

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