2 great strength circuits for dancers

Today I wanted to quickly share with you two of my favorite strength circuits for dancers.  All you will need is a pilates ball and a mat.

*Note: A circuit workout is a combination of exercises that you repeat and do a certain number of times (sets).  I explain all the different workout types in my Notes on Conditioning blog post.

Circuit 1: Core

  • On Pilates ball: 20 slow crunches going from flexed to extended in the core
  • 20 small back lifts on the floor for upper back
  • 10 full-sized back lifts for lower back
  • 1 minute plank

Repeat circuit 2 or 3 x

Circuit 2: Legs

  • 16 froggy lifts on floor (face down)
  • 8 w/ right leg on top, 8 w/ left leg on top
  • 16 clamshells R, L
  • 8 bridges w/ spine roll down
  • 8 bridges with flat down

Repeat circuit 2 or 3 x

If I do these circuits on the same day it usually means I will finish with a floor barre using the pilates ball to practice working the backs of my legs and really strengthen!

See you next time, and comment any questions for clarification!

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