How to Achieve Multiple Pirouettes, Featuring Velvet360

One of the more valuable skill sets you can have for auditioning or building your personal brand on social media is proficiency in turns. Most of us have probably seen the ridiculous video of that dancer taking off her warm ups mid-turn. It seems impossible, and sometimes those videos that are supposed to be inspiring, can be very discouraging.

With the right tools, you can improve your turns exponentially. If you take another, more careful, look at some of those videos, you can see the rhythmic nature of the dancers head-spots, and the ease in which they glide around. This does not come from natural talent; this is an acquired skill.

One way you can practice this is through the use of turn boards. These, for those of you that are not aware, are small, portable devices that you can use to practice rhythm and correct positional technique for your pirouettes. Put simply, it is a rounded board that you put your foot on that reduces the friction for your pirouettes, which allows you to experience the rhythm of doing multiple turns, and take the time to correct your technique while you go around. It is a tool to help you develop muscle memory.

Some of the cons of the turn board are listed below:

  • Tendency to be destroyed after a short time of use…the curve tends to flatten, which creates more friction and makes it harder to practice
  • The foam gets ripped and falls off, which can hurt your feet
  • The base becomes scratched and damaged

One new product that attempts to solve these problems are the innovative, new turn boards by Velvet360, which reduce friction and general-wear and tear by having a stronger base, better cushioning foam, and a curvier body that allows for a smooth glide around as you turn. They are available on Amazon, and you can buy them here.

I was very thankful to Velvet360 after they sent me a board to try out, and I immediately noticed the improvement in friction and ability to practice spotting compared to other brands I had previously used. The difference is definitely noticeable, and I would recommend this product to anybody looking for solutions in regards to their rhythm when turning.
The cons of turning boards are obvious, but Velvet360 really takes it to the next level and succeeds in fixing these disadvantages through the new technology and ideas they put into their product (not to mention the adorable box and instruction booklet that comes with it). I highly recommend you purchase one through Amazon or visit the Velvet360 website.

P.S. Make sure to follow Velvet360 on Facebook @VevletBalletAtlantz and Instagram @balletvelvet360.

This post in sponsored by Velvet360.


One thought on “How to Achieve Multiple Pirouettes, Featuring Velvet360

  1. An honest believable review from someone who tested it and others. I’d take your advice if I wanted one.

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