Guide to Freed pointe shoes

I have received a few questions from readers with a request for advice about ordering Freed pointe shoes. I understand that this brand can be difficult to access, while it is the ideal shoe for most ballet companies and vocational schools. So, I’ve decided to put this guide post together.

Choosing a shoe

It is always best to be professionally fitted for Freeds. However, I understand that this may not be a possibility due to where you might live. Either way, it is inadvisable to order pointe shoes online if this will be your first pair of shoes. Always receive professional fittings for shoes until you have at least four years of pointe experience.

If you are a more seasoned pointe dancer and feel ready to make this step, I would advise you to consider all of your possibilities first. You can ask around your ballet school or company to see if you can try on a friend’s shoes just to figure out your desired length and width. Most of the time it will correspond to your shoe size, which there is a chart provided for below, and most people know their pointe shoe width from shoes worn in the past. However, everybody’s feet are different…and there are a lot of factors that go into the length and width of your foot on pointe. This is why it is always best to be professionally fitted.

Before you order shoes, see if there are dancewear stores offering Freed fittings in a city near you. Or, most summer programs have either a visitation from a professional Freed fitter, or you could visit a dancewear store in that city that carries Freeds and will offer you a professional fitting.

Once you have the basics about your shoes figured out, I have provided a little cheat-sheet below for you to help figure out makers and other specificities. Click the link to download it. I recommend you print it out and fill in the Summary section for ease of ordering pointe shoes. That way you can just read from that section as you talk on the phone.

Freed Fitting Guide

Ordering pointe shoes— Most dancers either get their Freeds from a local dancewear store, or they order them over the phone from the New York flagship store (or other stores, if you aren’t in America.) For ease of ordering, the phone number to order from the New York store is as follows: (718) 729-7061

I hope this has helped you out a little bit. Please make sure to head over to the Requests page to give me any more questions you may have. I will be happy to answer them, as always! I have lots of new, exciting posts coming very soon, so make sure you follow this blog to keep updated.

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