Update…my broken foot!

So this was definitely not in the plan for this week’s blog post (it was not planned at all, actually). I’ll cut right to the story:

Tuesday was my first day back at ballet after having three weeks off after summer intensive. Class went well, but then afterward I was doing petite allegro and I landed wrong from a jeté, rolling over the outside of my foot and falling. My friends heard a loud pop, and the outside of my foot started to really hurt.

When I got home it was extremely swollen at about the midpoint of my foot, and it was throbbing and hurt a lot to put weight on it. So I did the basic procedure and iced religiously, elevated, and took Ibuprofen.

The next morning the pain was too much to bear, so I decided to go to the doctor. After visiting three doctors’ offices and getting an x-ray, I learned that I broke the bone at the base of my fifth metatarsal. I will insert a picture below:

Image result for fifth metatarsal base avulsion fracture
Picture from 78 Steps Health Journal

The protocol is a hard-soled shoe, which I have to wear around whenever I am walking or standing, and I have to wear the shoe and not do ballet for 4-6 weeks. It’s not bad, considering that my ballet school year doesn’t start for another 1.5 weeks (the class I was taking was optional), and that only leaves 2.5 – 4.5 weeks without dancing during the actual season. Therefore, I will probably only have to pull out of one performance.

I will keep you all updated with how my recovery is going.

UPDATE: Two weeks after this post, I had another doctor’s appointment. I got a new set of x-rays, and it turns out that the break is worse than we originally thought. I now have a boot and need to stay in it for another 6-8 weeks (making a total of 8-10 weeks away from dancing). Wish me luck, and I hope for a fast recovery.

2 thoughts on “Update…my broken foot!

  1. You’ve got a good attitude going even though it must be hard to wait for the healing and get back on both feet!

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