First semester in review – recovery

I haven’t posted on this blog in way too long, and school is mostly to blame for that. My schedule became so crammed and stressful that I barely had time to think! But now that Christmas break is coming to a close (I return to school tomorrow), I’ve found some time to update you guys on what’s been going on.

We left off at bad news of my foot injury. Well, it turns out that situation escalated and became even more detrimental…it turns out I broke my foot in two spots instead of just one, and I needed a boot instead of that little shoe thing. I ended up spending 8 terrible weeks in a boot.

I found out in mid-October that the boot could finally come off, and I started to ease back into dancing. It was really, really tough at first. I couldn’t even walk normally without the boot, and it took me 2 weeks to fully figure that one out. Dancing was an entirely different story – I felt very uncoordinated and eventually my body started to take the hard end of it. I developed many injuries do to compensation, including pulled muscles, strained tendons, overuse injuries, and tendinitis. I had to see my physical therapist a lot to get it all sorted out, and after four hard weeks of working and trying to get my body back to normal, everything finally started to come together.

I could finally really focus on my dancing and getting all the way back into center work, and in the last few weeks of the semester I was fully back. I had a couple of rough moments, but I finally feel like I’m all the way back now. I’m even doing fouettés on pointe!

School has also been very difficult lately. College applications are looming in the near future, and the stress is beginning to set in. The focus has turned to a perfect GPA and  working hard to improve my standardized test scores.

Holiday break was very relaxing and much-needed time to focus on my mental health and also my body. I did lots of cross-training to work on returning to full stamina post-injury, and I finally feel like I’m there. I also had a lot to focus on with school over the break, including reading and some work for my Yearbook class.

That brings us here, as we head into a fresh semester of school. Basically, I don’t want break to end. But, I’m hoping that next semester will be less stressful than the first (although school just seems to keep getting harder and harder as time goes on). I have a study hall in one of my classes now, and my previously hardest class now becomes a slightly easier one. Hopefully I will have some more time now to focus on ballet (we have a big performance of Beauty and the Beast coming up soon!) and also staying relaxed and de-stressed.

Now, on my last day of break, I’m planning to take a nap, snuggle with my pets, take a hot bath, and read Harry Potter. Happy new year. 🙂

One thought on “First semester in review – recovery

  1. You’ve been through a lot more than I realized and it lasted a long time! So glad you’re doing better on all fronts. Thank you for taking the time to update us.

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