I’ve wanted to be a professional dancer since age 8 – it’s absolutely my dream.  Ballet is expensive – a pair of pointe shoes costs an average of $70.  I go through about a pair a week – That’s about $3640 a year, just on pointe shoes.  Add in tuition for one 5-week summer program in Chicago…that’s $2200.  For my year-round ballet program – $2376. That doesn’t include other necessary dancewear and expenses, either.

In addition to my ballet training, I am a full-time student in the East Grand Rapids school system.  In my spare time, I work on babysitting commitments and developing my blog and YouTube channel to raise money for my cause.

Because of these expenses, I need some help continuing to dance and support my training.

You can donate to my funding campaign below.  Thank you for the help, I’m truly grateful.